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Enhance Your Spirit & Purify Your Enviroment

For thousands of years, the burning of natural substances has been used by people of many different cultures, traditions and beliefs for cleansing, healing and spiritual purposes. The Garden of Light carries a wide variety of incense from all around the world.

Likewise, essential oils have a long history. These extracts have been used therapeutically, as well as for culinary purposes, skin care and cosmetics, bath, massage, diffusing and perfume.

Essential Oils

Divine Essence is the signature line of Union Nature. Founded in 1994, the company is a pioneer in the importation, manufacturing and distribution of essential oils, floral waters and vegetable oils. In 2000, Union Nature was the first company in North America to receive an organic certification from ECOCERT.

Throughout the years, Union Nature has developed privileged commercial relations with its American, African, European, Asian and Oceanic partners. By offering a better price to these small producers than that of the world market, and making advance payments before harvest, they help local communities and farmers to obtain better wages and improved working conditions.

The producer sends the essential oil directly to Union Nature without going through a middle person. This allows the producer to obtain a good price for his or her work and also allows Union Nature to better control the quality of the oil and pass on the savings to the consumer.

Union Nature continues to promote fair trade practices by developing its own projects with local partners and supporting initiatives that allow the combination of organic and fair trade certifications which result in more “global” organic/fair trade standards.

The Garden of Light is delighted to offer the following selection of Divine Essence Organic Essential Oils: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Neroli, Sandalwood, and Peppermint. We also carry the Organic Rose Extra Floral Water and Organic Sweet Almond Oil.

We will continue to expand our offerings of Divine Essence Products, so please call us for availability.

Meditation Balm is fragranced with 12 ancient oils.

Song of India natural Solid Perfume Fragrances come in beautifully decorated round brass containers in an exquisite display box. Select from these fragrances: Amber, Buddha Delight, Jasmine, Krishna Musk, Patchouli, and Sandalwood.

Essential Oil Diffusers

Select from several different styles of cold air electric diffusers, some with optional colored lights. These diffusers vaporize and disperse extremely fine particles of essential oils directly into the air, which avoids heating and altering the oil.

Our Incense

The smoke of the burning incense or smudge symbolizes the sacredness of a person or occasion. Like the smoke that rises up, our offering goes far beyond our thoughts and words. Follow the example of the ancients, and allow the fragrant smoke from incense to cleanse your living space, relax your body, calm your mind, and create a spiritual atmosphere to heighten your awareness.

Incense can help to reduce anxiety, stress and fear; revitalize, stimulate and renew energy; alleviate insomnia; accelerate healing; prepare the mind and body for prayer, meditation and contemplation.

Select from mainstays like Nag Champa, to Tibetan Incense that is fair-traded, to the clean-burning, often called smokeless, Japanese Incense, to Aboriginal Smudge incense. We also carry a variety of Cone and Resin Incense.


Incense Burners

We have a varied selection of Incense Burners. Select from traditional colorful boxed burners, or ceramic, metal and decorative ones. Some burners with holes have openings that vary in size to accommodate which incense you are burning—thin Japanese or thicker Tibetan.

We also have decorative Incense Holders to stor