Mala Bracelets

The Garden of Light

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These beautiful bracelets come in a variety of semi-precious stones, revered seeds and woods. Wear these simply for their beauty or to be reminded of their metaphysical qualities.

Rudraksha:  In Hinduism, the seeds of the Rudraksha tree are the earthly manifestation of the tears of Shiva, shed as he looked upon the suffering on Earth from Mount Kailash.  These beads are used to increase a devotion to Shiva, the God of Transformation.

Rose Quartz is associated with Divine Love.

Coral is associated with life-force. 

Turquoise is associated with beauty, nobility and wisdom.

Yak bone is used in Tibet and Nepal to reflect the Impermanence of life.

Bodhi seeds are used to reflect devotion to Buddha who achieved Enlightenment beneath a Bodhi Tree.