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India - Nepal - Bali


Statues have been used since time immemorial to assist in prayer and meditation. They are also used for interior and exterior decoration to beautify surroundings and give inspiration.

The Garden of Light carries a variety of statues from Bali, India, and Nepal. These statues of varying size are primarily made from wood, brass, soapstone, sandstone, silver and resin.

Our selection includes statues of Hindu gods and goddesses as well as statues of Buddha. They portray traditional postures, poses and mudras. Occasionally we select carvings and casts that depict creatures from the animal kingdom and sea world.


Hand carved often from a single piece of wood, Balinese carvings are a unique expression of artisan craftsman. Some of the many varieties of wood used are the soft woods such as merantie, crocodile which is very pale and almost white looking and hibiscus. Harder woods such as nangka (jackfruit), kampor and swar (darker, more polished) are much heavier and can be more intricately carved.

Select from hand carved statues of Buddha, Happy Buddha, Rama and Sita.


Choose from elegant brass statues or miniature painted resin statues of Indian gods and goddesses for your puja or home décor. Statues of Indian gods and goddesses include Buddha, Ganesh, Happy Buddha, Kali, Krishna, Lakshmi, Quan Yin, Saraswati, Shiva, Vishnu and Tara.

We also have original sandstone casts of Buddha to grace your garden. These casts have been created by a family from Sarnath who have been in business for over 100 years.


Choose from a variety of brass and cast iron statues from both the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. These statues are carefully selected directly from local artists and craftsmen and women.