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Welcome to The Garden Of Light

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Sounds And Supplies for the Spirit & Soul

Handcrafted Singing Bowls

We have been inspired by the beauty and spirit of these one of a kind hand crafted singing bowls.Traditionally, A singing bowl is made from seven to nine sacred metals which include gold, silvermercury, iron, tin and antimony. When the bowl is struck or vibrated with a wooden mallet it producesa unique sound determined by it’s shape and the metals  in it. The sound can be used in meditationand to promote natural healing.

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Sounds To Tune The Spirit

Sounds and music are sources of communication and self expression. They can be used to invoke peace and harmony, as well as give us joy and inspiration. They can also be used for our own deepest self-expression and creativity.

Choose from a variety of recordings of Sri Chinmoy’s music. Most are of Sri Chinmoy performing his own compositions on various instruments, while some are performed by his students.

In addition The Garden of Light also has a large selection of bells, gongs, tingshas, and singing bowls. Indoor and outdoor chimes that bring delightful melodies into your home or garden are also featured.

Singing Bowl Tutorials

Please enjoy our complimentary singing bowls tutorial. We take great pleasure in sharing our love and knowledge of the diverse sounds and crafstmanship of these wonderful singing bowls. Many are handcrafted and are hundreds of years old. Take a moment and allow yourself to be transformed with the beautiful soul enhancing sounds of our singing bowls.

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