Death and Reincarnation

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Death and Reincarnation

Table of Contents
1. The Realm of Death
2. Is Death the End?
3. A Tale of the Beyond
4. Death and Life: Two Inseparable Brothers
5. Life after Death: The Higher and Lower Worlds
6. Reincarnation: The Great Pilgrimage

As an illumined spiritual Master with free access to the different planes of consciousness, SriChinmoy has many time --during deep meditation--travelled through the world of death and far beyond. In this rare book, one of the few genuine and authoritative accounts of death and the afterlife, Sri Chinmoy gives specific, surprising and sometimes astonishing details on:

o What happens after death;
o How you can overcome the fear of death;
o The law of karma: its effect on our current and future lives;
o How you can best help someone who is dying;
o How reincarnation works;
o Can we tell what our next life will be?